Mobile Home N° 23, Willerby BrookHood 29m² 2/4 People

First of all, you can visit the Mobile Home N° 23 Willerby BrokHood 29m² virtually here.

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To begin with, this Mobile Home consists of two bedrooms for two people. Each bedroom has a double bed. In addition, this rental has a large living room / living room with a U-shaped bench. This bench is located at one end of the mobile home, which offers you a panoramic view. On the other hand, the kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker, a microwave, a coffee maker, a kettle, toaster and crockery.

Then, its terrace is covered and ventilated. This one is closed on the entire pitch (perfect for young children or animals). Thus, a parking space next door is provided for the vehicle. Therefore, this terrace is particularly pleasant on sunny days or during mild seasons.

The quality of the location and its furniture, this mobile home is a must for the most comfortable stay!
Please note that the virtual tours were carried out in January 2022. Consequently, we have not started the work to refresh the mobile homes and renew their equipment.

We will update the virtual tours as the work progresses and changes. The campsite is committed to ensuring that this is done throughout the season.

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