The Little Savoyard Venice ...

To begin with, Chanaz, known as "the little Savoyard Venice" is a charming village located on the edge of the Savière canal. Therefore, Chanaz is the obligatory passage during a stay in Chautagne. It is nicknamed the little Savoyard Venice, its narrow streets and its footbridge make it a unique setting.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the village was for a long time the border of the Duchy of Savoy. The Canal de Savière was one of the main communication routes between Lake Bourget and the Rhône. Chanaz, the little Savoyard Venice is crossed by the canal on which many foodstuffs such as wine, spices, fabrics, etc. were transported.

In addition, some buildings still bear witness to this era today with mullioned windows. We can still see them on some facades. In addition, the Maison de Boigne, which currently houses the town hall, is an old fortified house dating from the 13th century. Also, it owes its name thanks to one of the former owners: the Lord of Boigne.

In an old Gothic chapel from the 15th century, is the Gallo-Roman museum of Chanaz. It brings together the remains of pottery made in Portout. Indeed, in the first half of the 5th century, the area was a high place of production of shiny ceramics. It is therefore a place where utilitarian crockery, jewellery, coins and other amphoras have been discovered. Ultimately, these productions were broadcast as far as Switzerland and the Mediterranean basin.

Have fun at the water's edge

Above all, your visit to Chanaz would not be complete without a lunch on the edge of the Savière canal “Feet in the water”! Thanks to which you can enjoy a picturesque setting to treat yourself and savor a moment of well-being. And if ever, with a bit of luck, a family of swans or ducks will pass in front of you…

Finally, complete your discovery of this beautiful village from the waves. Perhaps the captains of a day will indulge in navigation on an electric boat, for rent, to observe the fauna and flora on the banks. And perhaps the most sporty and adventurous will rent canoes to criss-cross the banks of the canal in peace. Whatever happens, cruise ships allow you to enrich your knowledge, thanks to the captain’s comments and anecdotes, throughout the trip.